Research and development

We have always invested in research in order to achieve the goals that have allowed us to grow and bring innovation to the sector.
Our belief in this business unit has allowed us to be among the first to study Mater-Bi® converting processes and part of a network of companies that regularly benefits from the expertise of the University of Perugia.

Polycart’s Research & Development department not only aims to stimulate the development of products and processes, but also to study solutions that respect and protect the environment in which we live. Our products are always supplied with marks certifying that they are compostable. These marks are only issued after careful checks and controls have been carried out by third-party laboratories.

One of the achievements of the R&D department is Compost Label®, the new family of certified biodegradable and compostable adhesive products in accordance with UNI EN 13432. This innovative range of products contributes to solving the problem of creating and disposing of multi-material labels and packaging by fully embracing the philosophy of life cycle management while guaranteeing the same performance as traditional products.

The Biomade flexible packaging series opens up new frontiers for biodegradable and compostable materials as it explores innovative solutions with regard to packaging and communication. This innovative range of products contributes to the protection of the environment and the consumer’s health.

Polycart received a grant made available under the 2014-2020 ERDF ROP call for bids. Axis 3, action 3.4.1. “Support for investments in machinery, equipment and tangible assets and assistance for company reorganisation and restructuring processes – large-scale projects 2016″ with the project “UPS ie: Umbraplast Polycart Sicart united for packaging and sanitary products innovative and eco-friendly
Polycart has received a grant made available under the call for bids in support of complex research & development projects – ERDF ROP 2014-2020 – of Umbria Region, strategic programme MATBIOPACK, for the project “Sviluppo di nuovi film da impiegare nel packaging per il settore alimentare e non.Caratterizzazione sperimentale dei processi di realizzazione” (Development of new films for use in food and non-food packaging – Experimental assessment of manufacturing processes).

Polycart has received a grant made available under the call for bids “Business networks for internationalisation, year 2017, ERDF ROP 2014-2020 – Umbria Region, for the project “PLDKEXP“.

Participation in the international trade fairs Ecomondo in Rimini and Marca in Bologna was made possible by the support of ERDF ROP UMBRIA 2014-2020 AZ funds. 3.3.1 – Public notice for participation in international trade fairs 2019-2020.