Packaging that feeds the Earth.


We produce Biomade compostable films and packaging that contribute to safeguarding the environment.

We implement an eco-friendly production cycle by using compostable and partly bio-based raw materials.

We adopt the principles of green chemistry and circular economy by using processes with a low environmental impact, as an act of responsibility towards future generations.

Since 1977 we have been dreaming of a sustainable future.
Since 1995 we have been experimenting with biodegradable Mater-Bi® products, anticipating the demands of the market.
Today, we produce compostable packaging that feeds the planet.

Innovation as a vision
We are constantly refining our production processes by taking unexplored paths to produce sustainable and safe products with high added value.

Circular supply chain
We mainly use local resources and carry out the entire production cycle in-house to ensure a high quality standard of the finished product.

Valuable networks
We take inspiration from the customer‘s needs to develop new ideas, involving suppliers in the analysis and production process.

The people
The company’s know-how lies in the skills of our employees. Their development and protection are the key to our success.

Anything that cannot be measured, cannot be improved.

Our goal is to be an industry leader in the development of sustainable and innovative packaging, able to attract talented professionals who share our vision, and engage and listen to our partners.

1. RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, from the production sites to the areas where our products are used, by choosing responsible and competent partners.

2. PROTECTION OF PEOPLE, from safety to appreciation and development of each person’s skills, the true cornerstone of the company’s know-how.

3. CONSTANT CHECKS AND MONITORING, to ensure reliable processes, high-quality products and continuous improvement.

4. COMPETENCE, to ensure cutting-edge technological and organisational solutions while complying with legal requirements related to processes and products.

For each of these aspects, we involve all stakeholders to promote a working culture of excellence and innovation as a whole. Moreover, we seek continuous improvement in each project by developing a simple, effective and efficient Integrated Management model that minimises any form of waste.

The flexibility to meet the different needs of the customers and its transparent way of acting make Polycart a reliable partner able to guarantee total and constant quality.

Polycart is regarded by its customers as a reference point in the sector because it guarantees quality and reliability over time, combining flexibility with technical support.

Thanks to meticulous planning of production processes and a business-oriented approach towards environmental sustainability, Polycart represents a manufacturing institution that respects the environmental context in which it operates.

The sense of belonging to the group is the element that distinguishes Polycart employees: people are the soul of our organisation.