Today, Polycart has more than 50 employees, 2 production plants (Palazzo di Assisi and Ospedalicchio di Bastia Umbra) and over 10,000 m2 of production space.
Polycart also has:

  • 10 extrusion and co-extrusion machines, all with automatic thickness control;
  • 10 welding machines, all with in-line printing for the production of shopping bags, liners and bags on rolls (with and without core), as well as die-cut and open-mouth poly bags bundled in blocks.

Polycart currently produces more than 8 million kg of materials annually, supplying a wide range of products:


[items_list additembutton=”” class=”lista-produzione”][item icon=”tick-1″]Compostable films for food packaging[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]Mater-Bi® films for industrial packaging[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]Compostable films for lamination onto paper (7 my)[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]HDPE films for lamination onto paper (6 my)[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]Compostable films for personal care[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]Mater-Bi® films for magazine packaging[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]Highly transparent compostable films for packaging of cosmetics[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]Compostable PE films for garbage bags[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]Mater-Bi® films for biodegradable mulch[/item][/items_list]


[items_list additembutton=”” class=”lista-produzione”][item icon=”tick-1″]Mater-Bi® food-grade poly bags bundled in blocks[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]Mater-Bi® food-grade sheets bundled in blocks[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]“Bio Kids” biodegradable generic Mater-Bi® shopping bags[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]Mater-Bi® shopping bags customised for the large-scale retail channel[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]Reusable Mater-Bi® shopping bags[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]“Ok Compost” and “Ok Compost HOME” fruit and vegetable poly bags and T-shirt bags on a roll[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]Compostable bags for separate waste collection[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]“Compost Label®” compostable adhesive labels[/item]
[item icon=”tick-1″]“Biomade” compostable laminated paper for foodstuffs[/item][/items_list]


[items_list additembutton=”” class=”lista-produzione”][item icon=”tick-1″]Biomade disposable gloves[/item][/items_list]