The commitment that goes into our business management and our products is documented and certified by autonomous assessment bodies. We believe it is necessary to adjust our management system and our products to this regulatory framework. This way we can guarantee reliability and transparency – two things our customers have been counting on for years.

  • CERTIFIED Quality Management: an all-round management tool that entails compliance with standards such as the Food Safety Management System (UNI EN ISO 22000:2005), Environmental (ISO 14001:2015) and Safety (ISO 18001:2007) Management.
  • PRODUCTS – Food packaging products: manufactured and validated in compliance with the EU 10/2011, EC 1935/2004 and DM n° 34 of 21/03/73 regulations.
  • RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: developing new products goes hand in hand with law-compliant laboratory tests, by means of certified instruments.


Our company’s efforts, as far as environmental safety goes, translate to ensuring the products we sell are biodegradable. We subject our goods to raw material assessment tests to make sure that none of our products have phytotoxic effects. Briefly: our goods have certified compostable properties according to the UNI EN 13432 regulation, license code S267 for the production of:

  • Shopping bags and biodegradable waste collection bags;
  • Films, wraps, sheets and panels;
  • CompostLabel;
  • Bubble wrap (Flexible packaging).

HIGH PERFORMANCE BAGS (licenses CSI HPB140002 and HPB140003)

Polycart uses efficient control systems in order to offer high-level performance products. The effectiveness of such control programs is certified and it is in line with the UNI 8055 and UNI 11415 regulations. We guarantee high-performing goods, and this goes both for compostable shopper bags and for food-grade fruit and vegetable sacks.


Our products have an impact on the market, but not on the environment. Polycart goods are covered by a carbon emission certification issued by Certiquality and the Ministry of the Environment because they comply with the ISO/TS 14067 requirements in terms of product carbon footprints.

  • Biodegradable and compostable bag, CFP – ER 013 – A03 of 20 January 2014;
  • CompostLabel, CFP – ER013 – A02 of 28 January 2014.


This certification proves compliance with the UNI 10667-1:1998 regulation which classifies plastic secondary raw materials, resulting from used plastic and bioplastics, as by-products.
Achieving this important environmental certification requires undergoing manufacturing process assessments. The latter have always proved that “the procedures applied by Polycart feature an excellent tracing system for the flow of non-compliant reusable material, with high merchandise quality” (2016 Audit, Auditor CSI).